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The Anchor University Library is segmented into the following Departments in order to enhance systemic synergy and productivity in service delivery via:

  • Administration
  • Circulation and Reader Services 
  • E-Library 
  • Reference 
  • Technical Services (Cataloguing and Classification)
  • Serials Services 
  • Reserved Unit 
  • Photocopying Services


  MONDAY - FRIDAY (9:00AM - 9:30PM)

SATURDAY        (9:00AM - 2:00PM)

Collection Development:

In its pursuit for excellence, the library in its collection drive, has acquired Six Thousand Two Hundred (6,200) books in its holdings aside from periodicals and electronic software on various courses being mounted in our university. 

The Electronic Library: 

The Electronic Library The Library Management has set in motion the plan and zeal to establish a workable world class e-library in consultation with the ICT Centre.  Our URL is,  Our clientele or patrons have access to more than seventy million (70m) electronic journals and books. There are eleven (11) functional laptop computers though the e-library has capacity for twenty-six(26) computers.Consultancy is on with FAVIC Communications Channel Ltd. to acquire software applications such as  AGORA, EBSCO, Wiley, Wikipaedia, Mc Graw-Hill, UNESCO, NUC Virtual and other portals



In its short span of existence, the following personalities have officially visited the Library with the following words on marble: 

Name                                             Institution                                      Comment

Prof. Marloer Janron Soar         University, London .    “Impressive Library. Keep it up.” “E ku ise.”

Mrs. T.O. Maleka  Deeper Life High Schools ES    “Good Progress.”

Prof. Duro Ajeyalemi  JUPEB Registrar/Chief Exe.“…  Very good provision for students in a very new    university.  Management of resources is very commendable.”

Prof. Daniel O’Donnel    University of Lethbridge , “Interesting to be in a brand new Canadalibrary.”

Dr. Presley Ifutor   University of Mmenster,   “Good to see what is going on in Canadathe Library.” 

Dr. Igwe Ukoha     FAVIC Communications, Lagos.    "A very good start".

National Universities Commission Verification Team (30 Professors) NUC, Abuja   Impressive 


Plans are under way for Institutional Repository (IR) online for collecting, preserving and disseminating of our intellectual output, such as research dissertations, theses, projects, lecture notes, term papers, course notes, seminar, conference, inaugural lectures and workshop proceedings.

On the whole, the University Library is a fast growing organism.   While appreciating the Vice Chancellor's unwavering support, we believe as we acquire, automate and work with the Senate Committee on Library and Publications, ours will be a world-class library to facilitate permanent certification of Anchor University, Lagos by the National University Commission (NUC).


  • The Library is a repository of classified print, audio-visual and electronic data stored in software and hardware kept in a building for consultation to enhance human developement.
  • The Anchor University Library came into operation on Monday 20th February, 2017. Situated on the basement of the Administrative cum Senate Building, it has capacity for Two Hundred (200) readers. It is well illuminated and fully air conditioned, a beauty to behold in its serene environment.


  • Our Vission is to make it a world class library with relevant current and retrospective information accessible to all our clientele physically and electronically
  • Our Mission is to seamlessly provide our students, lecturers, researchers and non-teaching staff global best practices in the retrieval of useful information in eletronic databanks, e-journals, e-booksand print documents.


Where there is no vision and strategic planning, there is bound to be systemic failure.  Hence the operations of  Anchor University Library are as follows:

  • Based on our annual/sessional budgets, selection and acquisition drive are streamlined or dovetailed on all the courses/curricula mounted by Anchor University as regulated by the National Universities Commision (NUC) and other relevant educational agencies 
  • The Library budget should be at least within six percent (6%) of the university's annual budget in terms of collection development
  • Annual periodical weeding shall be put in place in order to maintain up-to date library collections.


The Library is a citadel and arena of learning.  Hence, it is governed by rules and order as follows:

1.Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (9:00a.m. - 9.30p.m.)  Saturdays (9:00a.m. - 2.00p.m.)

2.All staff and students of Anchor University are to register before accessing the Library facilities.

3.Visitors to Anchor University Library are expected to apply for the use of the Library for a stipulated fee.

4.Books borrowed must be returned on or before due date.

5.Stealing and mutilation of books will lead to EXPULSION!!!

6.Consult the Library staff for assistance when need arise.

7.SILENCE must be maintained by all Library users.

8.Do not re-shelve books after consultation.

9.Cell phones must be put on silence or switched off to avoid distracting or disturbing other Library users.

10.Laptop/Personal computers must strictly be used for academic work and NOT for musical/dramatic                   entertainment.

11.No reservation of seats in the Library

12.Personal textbooks and books from other libraries are not allowed in the Library.

13.Bags are not allowed in the Library.

14.All library users must be searched at exit point.

15.Fighting in the Library will lead to dismissal.

16.Photocopying of limited pages is allowed to avoid infringing on copyright laws.

17.Eating is prohibited in the Library.

18.Keep the library clean.  Please use the trash bin.

19. The e-library Unit shall give detailed instructions on its mode of operation.

20. Please avoid marking, folding and do-ering of library books, newspapers/magazines and journals.

21. No smoking in the Library

22. Dragging of feet to distract the attention of readers is prohibited

23. Lecturers are entitled to borrow two (2) books for a maximum of one week while students can borrow one(1) book for a maximum of two days.

24. Loss of borrowed books shall be paid for according to current and processing prices.

*Solicit for free access to e-books, e-journals and print materials without strings -attached.

*Only registered bonafide students and staff have access to our collections either physically or electronically.              Non Anchorites must apply for the use of the Anchor University Library.

*Photocopying of materials are in conformity to copyright law in order to avoid infringment on piracy rules.

*The library uses the Library of Congress Classfication (LC) scheme as obtainable inall academic libraries.

*The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) through the Catalogues In Print (CIP)is applicable for cataloguing materials.  

*The Anchor University Library shall collaborate with the Anchor ICT Centre in developing its portal and  internet  facilities in the e-Library.                   

*Anchor  University Library Users must abide by its Rules and Regulations.

*Faculty Libraries shall be established as the needs arise while inter-librarycooperation is put in place.

Search Tips
  • Type what words you know from the title, author and subject.
  • You can limit your results by using the search drop down list.

We are here to help you! Stop by the reference desk or contact the librarian if you cannot find what you need and make a suggestion.


i. Renew your items regularly to avoid being fined!

ii. All staff and students can access database(s) by clicking any of the links on the left or contact the University librarian for more information.


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Trends in Linguistics Studies and Monographs
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